“Most people are aware that words and behaviour that mean one thing in one environment or cultural context can mean something entirely different in another cultural context. The real challenge is to go beyond this state of ‘general awareness’ to one of ‘mastery’ in specific situations. The costs of getting it wrong can be significant for both organisations and individuals.”
“Our goal at Tungli Consulting is to ensure that people and organisations are successful in navigating the inter-cultural situations they face.”

Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli
Founder and President
Tungli Consulting works closely with clients to solve existing cross-cultural challenges, and to identify and manage culture-related opportunities or potential conflicts.

Our approach is client centred and results oriented. We leverage proven research and global experience to help our clients build cross-cultural capabilities while they achieve their goals.
   Our consulting services focus on:    Our training courses include:
Tungli Consulting utilises a global network of cross-cultural experts, management consultants and trainers to provide the specific services and expertise required for each assignment. Our consulting services and training programmes can be tailored for large or small organisations, or for individuals, working or living in multicultural environments.

Our experience includes business, government, academic and not-for-profit/voluntary organisational settings. We are quickly able to work with our clients to identify their needs and goals, develop and deliver high-impact services or training, and monitor and evaluate the results.
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