Today, if you enter “expatriate”, “culture” or other, related key words into a major internet search engine, an overwhelming number of web-sites come up. The following represent a small selection of the best of these.
A rich site with all kinds of information for expatriates and their families. Definitely worth a visit. It provides also a lot of real estate information.
This site provides lists of useful addresses and web-sites by location. It also features the SEC (Spouse Employment Centre) of Shell.
Cost-of living indices, opportunities for participating in forums discussing various topics in many countries.
A wide range of country information and articles.
An ambitious project providing a wide range of services and information for expatriates around the world.
The Financial Times’ monthly magazine for expatriates and offshore investors.
The expatriate resource centre of the International Herald Tribune.
This is the site of the CIA. It contains a very wide range of country-related information you may not find in other places
Go to Services, then to Calendar of events, and you will find the SIETAR Europa Online Documentation Centre. Go to Home, and you will find a wealth of information on intercultural matters.
The Delta Intercultural Academy is a knowledge and learning community for those who are professionally interested or involved in intercultural business and management communication.
The mission of this site is to help facilitate communication among various disciplines of intercultural relations. The site is first of all for researchers.